The Southwest Fire Science Consortium, Arizona Wildfire Initiative, and the Association for Fire Ecology are hosting the 4th Southwest Fire Ecology Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico from November 18-22, 2024. Our conference will bring together professionals to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and discuss the latest advancements in fire ecology research and management with a focus on the southwestern United States. Join us for a unique opportunity to connect with fellow professionals and engage in stimulating discussions that will shape the future of fire ecology in this region.

Conference News

Call for Proposals

We invite your proposals for oral presentations, poster presentations, and meetings/activities. The call for workshops, special sessions, and discussion groups has closed. With our conference theme, The Southwest Fire Science Journey: Lessons from the Rearview, New and Unfamiliar Routes, and Promising Horizons, we seek to gain a better understanding of the past, present, and future of fire in the Southwest. More info…

The Southwest Fire Science Journey: Lessons from the Rearview, New and Unfamiliar Routes, and Promising New Horizons

As wildland fire scientists, managers, educators, and students in the Southwest, we find ourselves in an era of rapid change and in need of new approaches, well-planned investments, and meaningful collaborations. Typical land and fire management strategies no longer suffice in the face of escalating challenges posed by more intense fires and the impacts of climate change on precipitation patterns and temperatures. While recent and substantial investments aim to tackle these issues, they often operate on timelines that are misaligned with natural processes. Simultaneously, a cultural shift is imperative—one that recognizes our integral connection to fire-prone lands, embraces the evolving reality of wildfire and ecosystem transition, and equally respects the knowledge held by Indigenous and land grant communities of the Southwest. At this pivotal juncture, we advocate for a reflective pause to better understand the past, present, and future of the fire science journey in the southwestern US. The integration of past insights with modern approaches is paramount as we invest in creating resilient landscapes and peoples of tomorrow.

We invite proposals on topics related to fire ecology, science, and management with a focus on results and lessons learned that are applicable to the Southwest. We are especially interested in proposals for sessions and presentations that focus on the following topics:

  • Biodiversity and fire
  • Climate adaptation
  • Collaborative and cross-jurisdictional case studies
  • Cultural fire
  • Education and workforce development
  • Fire-adapted communities and Firewise
  • Invasive species and fire
  • Lessons learned in science and management
  • Planning for resilience in uncertain future
  • Post-fire recovery


The conference will be held at La Fonda on the Plaza in historic downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. We have a block of rooms, which will be offered at federal per diem rate without the resort fee. La Fonda is located on the historic Santa Fe Plaza and in walking distance to many restaurants and attractions in the city. 


  • Monday, Nov 18: Full and half-day workshops
  • Tuesday, Nov 19 to Thursday, Nov 21: Keynote presentations, oral and poster presentations, discussion sessions, and networking
  • Friday, Nov 22: Field trips


Important Dates

  • July 10: Registration Opens
  • July 30: Proposals Due for Oral Presentations
  • September 10: Proposals Due for Poster Presentations and Meetings/Activities