Call for Special Sessions

Submission Due Date: May 15 | Organizers Notified: June 20
Special Sessions are opportunities for individuals or teams to organize a set of presentations on a topic of their choosing and can include presentations, panels, discussions, and Q&A. Special Sessions will be held in meeting rooms with theatre-style seating. Organizers can propose to fill one or two 90-minute time blocks. All presenters and organizers must be register for the event. While we do not need each presenter’s final title and abstract when you submit the special session proposal, you will need each presenter’s name, title/affiliation, and a draft presentation. Please obtain their committment to attend the conference and participate in your session before submitting your proposal.  

To submit a proposal, please complete the form below and then look for a confirmation email with a copy of your proposal after you click Submit. If you have any questions or need to make changes to your proposal, please email [email protected]. If the form does not load properly, click here

Special session organizers determine the topic area, choose speakers, plan the session length and format, and develop synergy between the presentations. Please consider our efforts to improve diversity and inclusivity as you plan your special session and select speakers.

Once a Special Session has been accepted, the organizer is responsible for contacting potential speakers and instructing them to submit an abstract using the Oral Presentation Abstract Submission Form and pay the abstract fee by July 1. Special Session organizers will then review the abstracts submitted for their session, inform conference planners of acceptance, and provide a final schedule. We will send each presenter an official acceptance notification. 

At the conference, organizers introduce and summarize the session, serve as the session’s moderator and timekeeper, and facilitate discussion and questions. 

Special Session organizers can choose to fill one to two presentation time blocks, which are 90 minutes long and sessions can include presentations, panels, discussions, and Q&A.

Within each time block, organizers can vary the length of time given for individual presentations, panels, or discussions. However, any variations in length should be in increments of 15 minutes to maintain a compatible schedule across all sessions. For example, you might decide to have a 15 minute introductory presentation, followed by four 15 minute presentations, followed by 15 minutes for discussion. Or you might have a 15 minute introduction, a 1 hour panel, and a 15 minute discussion and conclusion. We will attempt to schedule the number of time blocks you request consecutively on the same day. Keep in mind that the time blocks will be broken up by breaks and lunch.

Special Session proposals are evaluated for inclusion based on the clarity of the abstract and draft agenda, the relevance of the topic and its appeal to attendees, and available rooms and time in the schedule. We will contact organizers with overlapping topics or themes to determine if their sessions can be merged.

Please have the following information ready when you submit your proposal:

  • Contact information of the organizer(s)
  • Title and abstract of the special session
  • Short summary for the conference program booklet and mobile app (50 words or less)
  • Preference for day(s) and length of time needed
  • Draft agenda, including speakers and draft presentation titles 

Special Session organizers and presenters must pay the registration fee to attend and present at the conference. There are options for reduced registration fees through volunteering and we will also have scholarships available.

Each presentation submitted require an abstract fee. There are 3 fee options: regular, discounted, and waived. 


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