The Southwest Fire Science Consortium (SWFSC) gets emerging science on the ground by connecting scientists, land managers, and the public. By facilitating these connections, the SWFSC helps to assure that scientists are addressing the most pressing questions and managers are applying cutting-edge science and diverse knowledge in their efforts to protect communities and critical natural resources.

The consortium is a way for managers, scientists, and policy makers to interact and share science. Our goal is to see the best science used to make management decisions and scientists working on the questions managers need answered. The Southwest is one of the most fire-dominated regions of the US, and the Consortium is the only regional organization focused on fire research and information dissemination across agency, administrative, and state boundaries. We try to bring together localized efforts to develop scientific information and to disseminate that to practitioners on the ground through an inclusive and open process. Please join us by attending a field trip or workshop, reading and sharing the materials on this website, and/or contributing to the fire conversation by submitting a proposal for an event or product.

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